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Treatments for men

Herb® Homme facial treatment for men 60 min / € 50

To look good tomorrow, start today! Facial treatment helps to relieve tension and stress, corrects wrinkles and also offers exceptional relaxation. Gentle cleansing and perfect massage refreshes the skin's energy sources. Firming serum and mask help to smooth out wrinkles and everyday worries. Every man deserves the feeling that his skin is fresh, in shape and well cared for! Beard is a part of masculinity and not an obstacle for facial treatment.

Herb signature: iris, cotton, hazel, grapefruit

Face, neck and head massage 30 min / € 35

Face, neck and head massage is the ideal way to relieve tension and improve your overall feeling. Massage allows you to discover a deeper level for yourself, where different energies interact with each other. Massage has a profound and versatile beneficial effect, increasing physical and mental performance, and relieving sleep disorders and increased irritability.

Herb signature: lavender, sunflower, liquorice, rosehip

Chilli lower and upper back massage 30 min / € 35

Tension is most common in the lower and upper back area, to relieve this tension, this effective massage is adapted to men. Massage techniques soothe your muscular tension and make you feel better. The treatment is perfected by the chilli massage balm which as a final note activates the blood supply and makes you more alert.

Herb signature: lavender, sunflower, chamomile, chilli

Express treatment for hands and feet 75 min / € 55

Of course, treatments for hands and feet are among a man's daily beauty rituals! To experience Herb spa’s caring hands for an exchange gives you the chance to compare results. There have been occasions where nail cutting, smoothing the soles of the feet, softening exfoliation and massage work out just as well or even better in a spa. Dear men, please give it a try!

Herb signature: pine, mandarin, tea tree

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