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Herb® massage vacation 90 min / € 85

Herb Spa massage vacation is the perfect relaxation that nurtures the body and soul. During 1,5 hours we let you experience different styles of massage which is relaxing for muscles, skin and nerves. It gives you the most effective boost for fighting stress and tiredness.

Herb signature: chamomile, dog rose, rosemary

Herb® classical massage 30 min / € 35; 60 min / € 50

Massage oil enriched with herbal aromas makes the classical massage in Herb Spa sensual and enjoyable. The main part of the massage is manual muscle relaxation. Massage works on muscles, skin, nerves and blood vessels and has a substantial anti-stress effect. Herb Spa classical massage is done according to the client's wishes and if needed, to the whole body. 60 minutes is also applicable for lower and upper back massage. Skillfully performed massage relaxes and provides a feeling of well-being. Massage treatments also have a number of contraindications, if you are unsure about your health, please discuss it with our therapist.

Herb signature: rosemary, chamomile, rosehip, sunflower

Sports massage 60 min / € 55

Sports massage is customized to be a stronger type of massage, which relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation in subcutaneous tissue. Skillfully performed massage relaxes and provides a feeling of well-being.

Herb signature: rosemary, chamomile, rosehip, sunflower, chilli

Honey massage 60 min / € 55

Honey massage improves blood flow and relieves muscle tension. Massage with honey helps to remove excess residues from the body and stimulates the subcutaneous tissue and blood supply.

Herb signature: chamomile, clover, lilac

Aroma massage 60 min / € 55; 80 min / € 65

Aroma massage is an ancient healing technique where massage is combined with the healing effect of herbs. Body, soul, and spirit-nurturing massage based on essential oils, effectively nurtures the body with slow smooth movements. Massage techniques are delicate but effective and adapt to the needs of even the most sensitive customer.

Herb signature: mandarin, pine, almond, lavender, lemon, patchuli, ylang-ylang, cardamom

Oriental foot massage 60 min / € 55

Oriental foot massage for the soles is well suited for stress and mental fatigue and it also helps to alleviate many health problems. The treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath followed by a massage with an aromatic balm that causes light flushing.

Herb signature: peppermint, lavender, chamomile

Lava stone massage 60 min / € 60; 80 min / € 70

Heated lava stones collect energy from the surrounding world and share it with the person’s own energetics. Special oils and relaxing heat form a synergy that gives you a sense of well-being and stimulates your senses.

Herb signature: ylang ylang, sweet orange, almond, olive

Face, neck and head massage 30 min / € 35

Face, neck and head massage is the ideal way to relieve tension and improve your overall feeling. Massage allows you to discover a deeper level for yourself, where different energies interact with each other. Massage has a profound and versatile beneficial effect, increasing physical and mental performance, and relieving sleep disorders and increased irritability.

Herb signature: lavender, sunflower, liquorice, rosehip

Chilli lower and upper back massage 30 min / € 35

Tension is most common in the lower and upper back area, to relieve this tension, this effective massage is adapted to men. Massage techniques soothe your muscular tension and make you feel better. The treatment is perfected by the chilli massage balm which as a final note activates the blood supply and makes you more alert.

Herb signature: lavender, sunflower, chamomile, chilli

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