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Body treatments

Swiss luxurious body treatment with gold and collagen 75 min / € 85

Reward yourself with a luxurious Swiss body treatment with smoothing exfoliation, golden massage oil and collagen body cream. Soft peeling gel with coconut ensures smooth and gentle microexfolation. The massage oil with gold flakes offers an excellent antioxidant effect, perfectly softening dry skin. It provides radiance and nourishes mature, tired and/or damaged skin. Plus a deeply hydrating, velvety finish with a luxuriously textured body cream containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and diamonds!

Herb signature: edelweiss, pomegranate, calendula

Body treatment with pepper and almond 70 min / € 70

Pepper treatment re-activates biological processes, improves the look of the skin, stimulates blood circulation and helps to remove excess fluids and toxins. First, the skin is exfoliated with a pepper scrub which is followed by a massage with spicy sweet almond oil. Problematic areas of the body are covered with a porcelain ointment wrap that removes subcutaneous toxins and also tones and stimulates blood flow. At the end of the treatment, an aromatic pepper cream is applied on the body, after which the skin is moisturized, the appearance is smoother and more beautiful.

Herb signature: pepper, almond, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, calendula and myrrh

Massage with Herb® extracts and sea salt 40 min / € 50; 70 min / € 65

A great combination of massage and body treatment. Sea salt and sweet almond oil are enhanced with special herbs, (lavender / rosemary / chamomile / fresh grass) that effectively cleanses the skin and reduces excess fluids. The treatment consists of body exfoliation and massage. The longer 70-minute treatment also includes a body wrap during which you can enjoy head massage. The treatment ends with a relaxing, warm shower.

Herb signature: lavender, chamomile, rosemary, rose

Herb® ritual body and face treatment 70 min / € 75

Herb® ritual is a treatment bouquet for the body and face. The treatment starts with an exfoliation with salt and herbal extracts, which makes the skin soft and enhances the effect of the herbal ingredients contained in the massage oil. The ritual is made perfect by the nurturing vitamin mask for the face, which sweeps the signs of fatigue and gives the skin a fresh look.

Herb signature: lavender, rosemary, sunflower, rosehip

Body ritual for relieving muscle tension 75 min / € 75

The aim of the body ritual is to provide immediate relaxation for muscle tension. The perfect preparation for the upcoming relaxation begins with a pine needle extract in a warm jacuzzi. The massage that follows focuses primarily on tense muscles and relaxing them. After the ritual, the overall tone has improved and muscle tensions have been relieved.

Herb signature: pine, lemon grass, chamomile

Chocolate massage 70 min / € 65

Chocolate has a calming and relaxing effect. Aromatic chocolate has an uplifting effect and reduces the feeling of stress. During the treatment, the body will be exfoliated with aromatic cocoa and orange salt, followed by a massage with warm chocolate. The treatment will end with a relaxing shower.

Herb signature: cocoa, orange, coconut, sunflower

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