Rejuvenating intensive treatment 70 min / € 105

Customer’s expectations for facial treatments have changed over time. Important keywords are: efficiency, innovation and pleasure. Science has combined a sense of beauty and naturalness. More than an hour of purposeful treatment suppresses the signs of aging, smooths wrinkles and loose skin. Relaxing massage makes the treatment a ritual pleasure, and personal care products even meet the needs of troublesome skin.

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Seasonal facial treatment ``Paris`` 60 min / € 59

Suitable for all skin types and for both women and men. Twice a year to add variety to regular treatments Herb Spa offers seasonal treatments from Paris which is based on the seasons. At the end of a long winter, the skin seems tired. In spring to start a new season the skin must be able to supplement its oxygen and vitamin reserves. In the cold autumn and winter, the skin needs more moisture and protection from frost. Each season the treatment products have a delicious aroma of two fruits. Exfoliation, mask and relaxing massage make the skin bright. Fast oxygen-enriching seasonal care is a good alternative to regular treatments, making the skin fresh.

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Facial treatment for sensitive skin 50 min / € 55

During the treatment sensitive or reddening facial skin achieves well-being and uniform complexion. The treatment is designed to restore the natural balance of sensitive or irritated skin and increase the tolerance threshold. The initial well-being of the skin is provided by a cleansing and softening mask with enzymes. After the anti-redness serum, the skin is pampered with a soothing massage that uses cool porcelain spoons. The treatment is perfected by a deeply moisturizing and highly nutritious mask.

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Herb® classical facial treatment with vitamin C 80 min / € 55

Herb is the perfect facial treatment where besides the classical facial skin exfoliation, moisturizing, massage and mask, lashes and eyebrows can also be dyed on request. Depending on whether the treatment includes the complex treatment of eyelashes and eyebrows the massage will vary from 15 to 30 minutes. Ultimately, the skin is in good shape with proper appearance.

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Skin type based facial treatment 50 min / € 40

The treatment is combined and adapted to the client's skin type and needs. Moisturizing, mattefying or soothing facial treatment uses products based on skin type and includes exfoliation, massage and mask. In case of a problematic skin, massage is replaced by pore cleansing. The exact treatment process and active ingredients are customized on site with the help of a spa specialist. Perfect for regular skin care.

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Swiss a' la carte facial treatment 40 min / € 45

Everybody’s skin is unique and should also be treated accordingly. Swissline products have a combination of scientifically proven innovative ingredients, with sensual textures. Products based on cell work are result orientated and specific for everybody’s needs. A’la carte facial treatment begins with a consultation with a beautician to examine the condition of the skin and to carefully select a Booster-cocktail best suited for you. A home treatment plan recommended by the beautician perfects the results of your skin.

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Swiss anti-wrinkle and firming treatment 80 min / € 110

Swiss Collagen Infusion anti-wrinkle and firming treatment is ideal in preparation for special events. The treatment immediately smooths and fills the lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and neckline. The high-tech, highly concentrated mixture of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid improves moisture retention, tightens and firms the skin.

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Swiss Oxygen Treatment 60 min / € 80

Swiss Hydra-Oxygen skin moisturizing treatment is perfect for post-travel stress recovery. This intensively moisturizing treatment provides the skin with maximum comfort, stimulates, adds energy and shine. Designed specifically to restore the oxygen reserves of a thirsty and stressed skin, this treatment helps to remove visible traces of fatigue and leaves the skin youthfully bright and fresh.

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Swiss relaxing and soothing treatment 50 min / € 75

Relaxing and soothing care of the Swiss Rescue treatment is first aid for a stressed and irritated skin. Ultra-nurturing treatment nourishes and restores the comfortable feeling for a sensitive, reactive and couperose skin. Enriches the skin with oxygen, soothes and reduces its redness. An ideal choice after dermatological procedures that can cause temporary skin irritation or redness.

Herb signature: sunflower, lemon, wheat, soy

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